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Ania (Anna) Przeplasko
International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) Founder
International Pole Championship (IPC) Creator
2013′s Pro-Poler of the Year by United Pole Artists

ANIA (ANNA) PRZEPLASKO was born in Poland to a sports and art-oriented family. She is a graduate of both the School of Sports Champions and Fashion Design College. She has participated in the Polish Youth Olympics and her eye for fashion has taken her around the world. However, it was in Japan where she worked as a photographer and fashion consultant that she later discovered the artistic and fitness value of pole dancing.

With her education and experience Miss Przeplasko founded the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). At the forefront of the pole dance industry, the IPDFA is widely recognized for supporting pole dance schools and professional competitions, accrediting and training instructors, providing a network for current and future instructors and most importantly, organizing the International Pole Championship (IPC). It was through the IPC that Miss Przeplasko was able to open the international stage to both men and disabled competitors, making pole dance truly an activity for everyone.

Well respected in the pole dance community, Miss Przeplasko sits on the board of the International Pole Sport Federation, the main advocacy body in promoting pole dance to be included in the Olympics. She was also recently named Head Judge at the first World Pole Sport Championship – a competition designed to meet Olympic standards.

A woman of many talents, she is a consultant for the first pole judging software e-polejudge.com, creator of the “Pole Position” Book – a photo guide of pole moves, and creator of dance fitness programs including Pole Dancing, PoleFit, PoleCardio, Cabaret and Burlesque Tease which have been incorporated into existing fitness schools and centers. Miss Przeplasko is also co-founder of Aerial Arts Academy in Hong Kong, a training centre providing aerial dance and fitness classes on a professional and recreational level.

Jameson Chow
International Pole Championship Pte Ltd Director

Jameson Chow Co-Founded International Pole Championship Pte Ltd in Singapore together with Anna Przeplasko (founder of IPDFA) to manage the International Pole Championships which were held annually since 2008 in countries such as Tokyo (2009-2010) and Hong Kong (2012). He is presently the Director of International Pole Championships Pte Ltd in charge of IPC 2013. In this assignment he is strongly involved in the management and logistics for this major event to be held in Singapore.
Prior to joining IPC Pte Ltd, Jameson worked for 3 years in Acroproductions where he managed the Event and Artiste Management division, where he worked in many event projects involving international and local companies, and also Artiste Management for International and Local Talents in Pole fitness as well as Aerial.
From 2011-2013 He was actively promoting women’s health and fitness by supporting events such as EZY Health forum at MBS and POCC(Power Over Cervical Cancer) with Pole fitness.
Jameson graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore in 2011 with a Diploma in Business Management. And was under the tutelage of Ming, Founder of Acro Polates, one of Singapore’s Leading Pole Fitness Schools.


Jerry Snell

Since the creation of the first New Circus Festival in Asia through the National Theatre of Taiwan’s 2006 Open Air Arts Festival, Jerry Snell has been working specifically to meet the demands of setting up projects and creations in Asia by linking the creative resources his colleagues in Canada. With a central goal of allowing artists in Asia access to some of the leading creators in Canada (& vice versa) and assisting Asia in creating for the international market. As a bridge between Canada’s large Asian communities, Jerry Snell is creating a communication network for both residences and creation exchanges between Canada and Asia.

As the artistic director and programmer for such festivals as in Taiwan, where Snell not only created the opening show FLASH, but managed (in collaboration with the National Theatre) a festival that attained a public of over 280,000 persons, and 50,000 for one open air performance for the infamous COMMEDIANTS from Spain.
By retaining the human element of a performer and creator, Jerry Snell has a veteran friendship with directors and artists of the National Circus School of Canada, 7 FINGERS, Cirque Eloize, and Cirque du Soleil. His success in Asia has linked this friendship with National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), Circus OZ of Australia, ASIANOW in Korea, National Theatre of Taiwan, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, The Dance Center in Thailand, Vietnam Circus Federation in Vietnam, The Other Festival & DARPANA in India, to name a few…
A long term friendship and having collaborated with some of the greatest artists in China such as choreographer Willy Tsao (City Contemporary Dance Company HK, Beijing LDTX), Pioneer rocker Cui Jian, directors and performers such as the Hebei Acrobatic Troupe, China National Acrobatic Troupe & the China Wuqiao International Circus Festival, earned Snell the trust of the Cirque du Soleil to put together their VIP list of Chinese Important People for the premiere of QUIDAM in Shanghai in June 2007.
As composer, director, actor, performer and engaged artist Jerry Snell does not restrict projects to pure circus, but uses the medium as an ultimate form of multi media or cross disciplinary art or physical theatre, with a powerful ability to communicate to a maximum of public without barriers of language or culture. Having been a veteran of Montreal’s experimental/engaged theatre, alternative/ industrial music scene, Snell has been part of the evolution that has created a powerful image based/ musical theatre, that due to its gigantic success is now being sought around the world (and in Jerry’s case specifically in Asia).
Inspired by the success of Cirque du Soleil’s “Cirque du Monde”, Ethiopia’s “Circus of Hope” and Cambodia’s Phare Ponleu Selpak, Canadian director, Jerry Snell has founded another institution for Youth at Risk using Circus and Performing Arts as a tool for helping migrant and street children, working children, freed bonded labor children, trafficked and victims of slave labor in Asia. In collaboration with local and international artists Snell has begun to set up CIRCUS ACTION INTERNATIONAL which is currently a network of teachers, programs, companies using performing arts and circus as an educational tool or simply a way to build confidence and resolve feelings of isolation and abandon in youth cornered by complex problems such as human trafficking, war, AIDS/HIV, poverty and political corruption. Since initiating this first project in Thailand to begin in September 2008, the current network spans from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and India, while seeking teachers, equipment and resources from Australia, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia
“We congratulate Mr. Snell on his commitment and dedication to train young artists and acrobats and hence facilitate innovative ways of income generation and contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity. We extend our best wishes and hope that New Circus Asia will meet with success.”
Richard Engelhardt ,UNESCO Bangkok , Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific/ Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific.



Vee Lea
IPDFA Training and Development Specialist

From London UK with over a decade of experience – Master Trainer, Coach and Choreographer to Champions of Pole Stars and the International Pole Championships, Vee is a specialist of Acrobatic Pole, Aerial Fabric and Hoop as well as a designer of recreational, fitness and performance courses for multi national Academies and Institutions. Vee is an ambassador of Aerial Arts Association Asia and Pole Dance Fitness Associations, pioneering the ‘Collision Arts Asia’ movement with international troupes such as the ‘Aerial Angels’, ‘Viva Circus’ and ‘Circus Arts International’.
Vee is the founder of Viva Vertical in Malaysia and UK, co-founder of Aerial Arts Academy in Hong Kong, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Media Practice from London Westminster University as well as Level 3 Assessor qualification by AIQ UK in the leisure and fitness industry.


Selina Tannenberg
IPDFA Safety and Medical Specialist
IPC Official Physiotherapist

Selina Tannenberg is a physiotherapist and founder of Fitness Wonderland in Brisbane, Australia. A pole dancer herself, she has a special interest in aerial dance injury management and she specialises in sports rehab, Pilates for pole dancers, and flexibility training for splits and backbend. She is also passionate about educating dancers in injury prevention, body management, and increasing the understanding of safe exercising in the pole community, particularly in regards to the stability, mobility and strength required in our sports. A firm advocate of ‘knowledge is power’, she hopes that through education, we as a group, and the sports that we love, can grow together in a fun, yet safe manner.


Natalie Tekanawa
IPDFA Competitions, Systems and Criteria Specialist
IPC Head Judge

Natalie TeKanawa is one of the world’s first pioneers of professional pole dance, having been involved in all aspects of the industry from clubs, pole studios and gyms through to the competitive and elite performance arenas since early 2000. With over 10 years of experience in both managerial and training capacities, Natalie is known for providing elite level pole dance training across Australia and around the world.
Training pole instructors and performers is Natalie’s main passion and her focus. Her extensive training and choreography record speaks for itself, with many of her performers having won awards both nationally and internationally. Natalie is passionate about promoting pole dance as an art and a sport that is accessible worldwide to all members of the community. In addition to this, Natalie currently manages both Girlfriend Fun and Fitness and the Pure Pole Academy, whilst also acting as an agent for a variety of world class performers through Girlfriend Management and Pure Pole Management.


Elaine IP
IPC & IPDFA Coordinator

With a degree in Biology from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Elaine entered the events industry after graduation organising events which included The Foreign Correspondents’ Club Annual Charity Ball, TEDxPearlRiver and also large scale events for multiple Chambers of Commerce and Consulates in Hong Kong.

She has joined the team since 2011 as the IPC and IPDFA Coordinator and she love the challenge.

IPC Visual Designer

International visual designer and artist Axel Morgenthaler has collaborated with many of the top dance companies in the world including Ballets Béjarts Lausanne, Alvin Ailey Dance Company in New York, Les Ballets Monte Carlo and LaLaLa Human Steps from Montreal. He also designed the lighting for Cirque du Soleil’s permanent show ZAiA at the Venetian Casino in Macau. Besides his passion for designing for dance he also designs, creates and consults for musicals, opera, theatre and architectural projects.


Kerry McDuling
IPC & IPDFA PR Specialist

Kerry McDuling (van der Helm is her married name) is the Director of her own public relations consultancy, in operation since 2007. She specialises in servicing sporting associations, franchises and professional services industry, including real estate agencies.

Prior to starting her own business, Kerry was responsible for creating content for magazines and publications. One of these was as Features Editor and Sub-editor of an industry travel publication. She is also a published author of high school text and since 1998, has worked as a freelance journalist for a number of local, national and international publications.

Having been a figure ice skater since her mother, a coach, put her on the ice at the age of 2, it was only later in life that Kerry found her true sporting and artistic calling in 2010 – in the form of pole dance.  Kerry has been blessed to have trained with the most prolific of international pole dancers, and trains and competes under the Pure Pole Academy banner, in Brisbane Australia.



Samantha Browne
IPC and IPDFA Web Admin and Support

Samantha has been involved with the Pole Industry for about 4 years and enjoys the challenge. Samantha founded PoleFitnessWorld.com an online shop where people can purchase all things pole. Samantha’s background includes website development so she works hard to keep the IPC website updated

Kristin Boesenberg
Stellar Comedian and MC

Kristin Boesenberg is a stellar comedian, MC and presenter from the harbour city of Sydney, Australia.

He’s presented thousands of times to everyone from executive boardrooms to boxing rings.

His unique style of comedy has delighted audiences across Australia and most recently in Germany. He can’t wait to bring his hairstyle and energy to the floor in hosting the International Pole Championship 2013.

Cecilia Pitre
IPC Celebration Party Officer

Cecilia, former Events and Business Development Manager at Pullman Pattaya Hotel G, is the CEO and Managing Director of BCBG Party by Cecilia, based in Thailand.

Born and raised in France, Cecilia has partied in over 32 countries and decided to make her passion her job by starting her business, BCBG Party, in 2007. As the founder of the most popular and stylish themed beach party in Thailand, the monthly G Session, Cecilia found her profile and popularity grew and has since organised a number of parties around Asia, including boat parties, charity events, and fashion shows to name a few.
Cecilia is also working as an up-and-coming model and in movie-film production.

BCBG Party are available to book parties in and around Thailand. For more details please check www.cecibcbg.com or contact Cecilia@cecibcbg.com
Justyna Korczynska
IPC Sponsorship Officer