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[Dagmara Koop]

Judging Experience:

  • Judge for WAAPA World Championships 2017 Pole Choreography, Aerial Silks Choreography, Aerial Hoop Bonus Elements and Choreography
  • International World Judge Certification 2017
  • International Judge for WAAPA European Championships 2016 Pole Technique
  • National Judge (since 2015)


Trainer Experience:

  • WAAPA World Association Air Power Athletics certified children and professional Sport Trainer since 2016
  • Teacher for Trainer Education of Trainers of Level Pole Dance Academy Concept
  • Trainer for Barre Concept since 2016
  • Trainer – Pole Dance Academy Frankfurt Level 6 of 6
  • Additional Trainer experience Pole Fitness Oberhausen and championship supervision of German Championships 2017 (non-WAAPA)
  • Since 2014 preparation of pupils for national and international championships (Ranking of pupils 2-7 rank)
  • Championship Supervision for Kids (incl. Stage Presence e.g. 2015 World Championships, 2014-2016 German Championships)
  • Artist Supervision on Championships since 2012


Sports Experience:

  • 20 years Experience in Professional Figure Skating (Single and synchronized figure skating )


Synchronized Figure Skating:

  • Winner of Swiss Cup, Top 3 German Championships over many years, Winner of State Championships, Competing in World Championships 2002 with the Team Germany 2, French Cup, Spring Cup Italy, Prague Cup Czech Republic, Swiss Trophy and many more


Single Ladies Skating:

  • Member for State Squad, State Champion and/or Vize State Champion in all available categories/levels, Winner of Berhard Massard Pokal (single and team ranking) and competing in many national and international championships like Junior German, German Championships and Cups in Poland, Luxembourg and different European countries.
  • 8years experience in Roller Art Skating: Member of State Squad and State Champion in some kids categories
  • Speed Skating: Champion of Hazette Cup
  • 10 years experience in ballet: diverse Solo Performances at local theatres and dance stages
  • 3 years of ballroom dancing with performances on local stages