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All IPC Entries open on the 01 October 2019 and close on the 31 December 2019


How to Enter

To compete in the International Pole Championships, all competitors must be reviewed by a judging panel via video submission.

An international judging panel reviews each of the video entries and scores them according to a universal scoring sheet.

There are two ways to gain entry to the semi-finals:
1) Granted entry
2) Individual entry

Key Dates

IPC Entries open on 1st October 2019

IPC Entries close 31 December 2019

IPC Semi – Finalists Announced from the 15th January 

IPC Pole Idol vote through out March 2020

Semi Finalists Judged from 01 April 2020 15 April 2020

IPC Finalists Announced 01 May 2020

IPC Pole Idol Announced 01 May 2020

IPC Final 20 November 2020.


The International Pole Championship includes five divisions:

Awarded Titles

Ultimate Pole Champion –

The competitor that scores the highest both Performance and Technical Judging combined (see below for more judging guidelines)
Pole Art Champion –

The competitor that scores the highest in the Performance Judging (see below for more judging guidelines)
Pole Fit Champion –

The competitor that scores the highest in the Technical Judging (see below for more judging guidelines)
Pole Idol –

The highest amount of online votes


National Competition Winners
IPC registered competitions may submit the information of their winners along with their application fee to have them listed in the Semi-finals. Winners may be submitted from multiple divisions. If you would like the winner of your competition to be awarded a Granted Entry place to the semi-finals please see the section “How do competitions earn granted semi-final entry for their winners?” below, for more information. All applicants who submit applications through national competitions will be in semi-finals.
The fee for entry through National Competition is 50USD

Wild Card Entry
IPC reserves the right to invite, at their discretion, up to three elite level pole performers from around the world, as granted entry positions in the semi grand finals. All wild card and granted entries will be required to enter a video of a routine that is in line with IPC guidelines before they will be accepted and approved.

IPC Previous Winners
Granted Entry to the IPC Grand Finals is automatically awarded to all Ultimate Pole Champions in all divisions of the last IPC Finals. These individuals will be contacted automatically.
IPC Pole Art and Pole Fit winners from the last IPC competition will be awarded complimentary granted entry to semi-finals while the Grand Finalists from the last IPC will receive granted entry to semi-finals through discounted registration (registration fee is 50USD).

Hosting Country Representatives
The national representative of the IPC hosting country. This should be the winner of a national championship in the hosting country. Should a national winner not be available or not exist, the national representative will be selected through video submission.

Pole Idol Winner
After Semi-finals applications have closed, those who have qualified for semi-finals will be entered into Pole Idol Voting. The competitor with the highest number of votes will be granted a place into Grand Finals as an additional competitor in that division.


All other competitors are welcome to submit their application through our website here.

Your video submission will be used to assess for possible entry to Semi-Finals. Up to 50 semi-finalists will be chosen. Up to 3 individual entry semi-finalists will be announced each week once applications are open. Applicants who apply early will have a higher chance of entering semi-finals as they will be judged among less applicants. The fee for individual entry is 80US

All applicants must be 18 years or above to enter.

If a competitor is turning 40 or above in the year of the competition, they are to compete in  Masters Division.

A competitor applying to compete in the Disabled Division must provide documentation to support their disability

Competition Registration

Competitions must apply for granted entry by filling in the online application form at and submitting an entry fee of 100USD. Information required for this application includes a brief description of their competition, a description/outline of their categories and divisions, competition guidelines, rules, entry process, judging criteria and information about their judges and how these judges are selected.

Once this is submitted, the IPC will then review the application to see if it meets the IPC guidelines.

If all the competition systems, guidelines, judging criteria and selection process are deemed transparent, fair and reasonable then the competition will be approved and their winner(s) will reserve the right to gain Granted Entry through to the IPC semi-finals.

Video Entry – Rules and Requirements
  • Video must be well lit, with performer and pole easily visible.
  • Performer must introduce themselves and state which country they are representing. (together with their video entry IPC reserves the right to use video footage for advertising & marketing purposes.
  • Applicants are required to use two poles: 1 static, 1 spinning, and must demonstrate trick combinations on both
  • Video must not include or show any other person than the applicant
  • Video length must be a minimum 2 mins, maximum 3 mins. Any choreography past the 3-minute mark of a video will not be counted towards your submission.
  • Video submission may be edited as long as it is clear the sequence and choreography is continuous and part of a single performance.
  • Video must be upright for viewing – not sideways
  • For those entering Doubles division, competitors must submit separate applications, with the same video
  • Video: production, music etc… must be royalty-free. IPDFA does not take responsibility for copyright issues and whatever claims against the video are made will be passed on to the applicant.
  • Video link must be set up in public mode.
  • Doubles entries should consist of one completed and signed application form per person, together with the same video entry.